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5 Reasons Why New Home Furniture Can Benefit Your Health

Posted on April 24th, 2018 by Designer Furniture Gallery.

Buying new furniture can be exciting and fun but not many people realize that new home furniture can also benefit their health. There are in fact 5 distinct ways which bringing new home furnishing into your home can help contribute to you experiencing better health.

Broken Down Furniture Can Negatively Affect Posture

There is a middle ground between perfectly broken couches and chairs which invite a person to settle in and furniture which is plain broken down. One of the main ways a broken down couch or chair can affect you is by encouraging bad posture. That may not seem like much until you consider that poor posture can exacerbate back problems and some digestive issues.

Instead of tweaking your bad back, think about some new furniture like the three piece Coaster living room set. This set can help support and encourage better posture with its new foam cushioning and firm shape, rather than allow you to slump back and potentially inflame posturally-related problems.

Avoid Dangerous Failure Of Second-Hand Or Old Furnishings

Along with the potential posture issues of hanging onto older pieces of furniture, are other ways which older furniture can be dangerous to your health.

If your furniture is old or picked up second-hand, you will likely have no warning before disaster strikes. For instance, that charming vintage lamp you pick up at a yard sale? It can pose a potential fire hazard risk, as you do not no the state of the wiring. Or say your bed frame is old an older model, possibly a family hand-me-down. Having it break down just because your young children jump into the bed can be incredibly startling and potentially dangerous.

With new furniture, you eliminate a lot of the worry with older furnishings. You can find vintage-style lamps which will actually be up to code, and with new furniture, you can know exactly what the furniture is made of so you can feel confident in its construction.

No Unexpected Allergens Or Substances With New Furnishing

Enjoying allergen-free furniture is a bigger deal to your overall health than you may expect. No matter how clean you have kept your upholstered furniture, it will acquire a certain amount of interior dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and hair if you have a pet, and trace odors from the surroundings as well as the people using the upholstered furniture.

The build up all these things can aggravate the nose and senses of those who do not normally suffer from allergies. If you are allergic to the above things and struggling to control your reaction, you should consider buying new furniture to protect your health.

Avoid Bringing Pests In Your Home When Buying New Furniture

If you are debating between buying second-hand, keep in mind that a simple visual inspection will miss common pests such as bedbugs, fleas, and lice. While lice will not survive long off of a host, fleas and bedbugs are easily transported on furniture as they are able to weather fairly extreme weather changes. And contrary to their name, bedbugs can be found in any kind of upholstered furniture.

High-quality furniture stores like Designer Furniture Gallery are vigilant to keep pests out of our furniture. Buying new furniture from our store will help defend you against these unwanted home invaders.

Boost Your Mental Health With Your Home Furniture

If you are constantly coming home to broken down or severely mismatched furniture, it can actually take a toll on your mental health. Your home should be a sanctuary away from the world and not feel like a never-ending DIY project to stay ahead of the latest rip in the upholstery.

Having a home of new, coordinated furniture can immensely boost your mood. Even if it’s just one piece, you can make that area your private happy place.

Should you have a specific vision for your new furniture and you can’t seem to find what you need, come in to Designer Furniture Gallery. Not only do we have an extensive home furnishings selection but you can also stop by our Design Center and work with a designer who can help you bring your vision to life. So, stop by and see if you can’t improve your health with some new furniture.

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